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Brammer Engineering can provide operational support and technical advice to a wide range of entities in various business environments. Our team can move quickly to assess an asset and take over operations to provide operational stability, regardless of the situation. Whether it be on a short- or long-term basis, Brammer can customize our suite of operating services to help clients achieve their goals and objectives.


For more than 50 years, Brammer has managed producing oil and gas assets for small producers to address their specific needs - ranging from a few of our services to "soup to nuts". This is how we started in 1968 and it's still an important part of our business.


It's a dynamic business and startup companies and new entrants into the market are common. Brammer can provide those clients with their operational and back office needs long term or until they reach the scale to support their own.


Private equity sponsored asset teams have become a big part of the domestic energy landscape. Brammer has worked for many of these companies over the last 25 years- some several times over. Talk to us about our long track record of providing a solid fit filling out and enhancing operational organizations and execution teams.


Often E&P organizations have assets to which they can't commit enough resources and focus. Brammer can step in and manage those assets-and optimize their value.


Brammer has been asked many times and is adept at taking over the operation of properties that are financially distressed due to bankruptcy, foreclosure, damaged relationships, etc. We have often done this in a contentious environment. We are a "fixer" for short- or long-term assignments and can restore subpar production and increase value.


We have managed sizable projects for several global E&P companies when their internal resources become a limiting factor in their project execution. Our relationships with bp (350 well drilling program in East Texas) and Chevron (many wells in East Texas and the Permian Basin) have allowed them to leverage Brammer to achieve their objectives.


A relatively new sector of our business is servicing the green energy space being driven by the world energy transition. We continue to receive a growing number of inquiries for green energy projects -principally carbon capture/sequestration (CCS) projects. Brammer has an active relationship with Strategic Biofuels as their contract operator of the Louisiana Green Fuels project in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. This involves drilling 3-5 Class VI CCS injection wells along with several monitoring wells. This project has the lowest carbon intensity score of any project that is currently on the drawing board.


Brammer is a strategic asset for E&P organizations who want to remain anonymous and out of the public eye for exploration projects. We have been the operator of record and public face for projects like these to maintain the confidential nature of these exploration plays.

We'll Work to Fit Your Business Model

We're a leading oil & gas operating company in Shreveport, Lafayette, LA and Spring, Houston, Tx

When we opened the doors in 1968, Brammer Engineering's mission was to support independent oil and gas companies so that they could control their own deals and properties. Our company based in Shreveport, LA and now serving the Lafayette, LA, Spring and Houston, Tx areas was a contract operating firm - clients could come to us for top-tier engineering and operational services at competitive prices.

Our business model was ahead of its time, making us stand out among others in the oil and gas industry. After 50+ years in business, we've grown exponentially. But our mission to support local businesses as well as the domestic oil & gas industry, remains the same.

We create value for our clients, so reach out to our oil and gas management team today.

Let us execute your oil or gas operations efficiently

Our oil and gas management company provides a wide range of operational and back-office services to all kinds and sizes of E&P companies. You can turn to us for:

  • Drilling - we'll take care of your drilling ops needs from stake to rig release
  • Completion - we'll design, plan and execute vertical, directional or horizontal well completions
  • Production - we'll maximize production and minimize cost and do all of these safely with no harm to the environment

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See what sets us apart

We've served the oil and gas industry since 1968 and have a proven track record for customer service, expertise and reliability - you can count on us to provide exceptional services at competitive prices. We've partnered with all kinds of businesses, from small, independent oil and gas companies to E&P global super majors. Here's why our clients remain loyal to us:

  • We have 55+ years of experience
  • We offer outstanding services at affordable prices
  • We have an incredible reputation in the business
  • We've partnered with some of the leading E&P organizations in the world
Choose a oil & gas operating company with an enduring legacy in the oil and gas industry - reach out to our team today.