• General Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • -General Ledger
    -Trial Balance
    -Governmental, Revenue and Joint Interest Audit Coordination
    -Acquisition and Divestiture Consulting
    -Treasury Reporting
    -1099 Reporting
    -Ad Valorem Reporting and Remittance
  • Revenue Accounting
  • -Revenue Distribution
    -Production Tax Filing and Remittance
    -Gas Balancing
    -Payout Reporting
  • Joint Interest Billing (JIB)
  • -Monthly JIB Distribution
    -Accounts Payable Processing and Disbursements
    -Accounts Receivable Collection and Reporting
    -AFE and Lease Operating Statement (LOS) Reporting
    -Client access for AFE and LOS Reporting via Client Portal
  • Production Accounting
  • -Monthly Production Calculation and Allocation
    -Production Variance Analysis
    -State and Regulatory Production Filing and Reporting
  • Division Order
  • -Division Order Preparation, Maintenance, and Distribution
    -Escheat Reporting
    -Unclaimed Property Audit Coordination

  • Systems and Technology
  • -Quorum Business Solution's Upstream Suite and Workflow
    -Quorum Query Module - Analytics and Reporting
    -QCloud - Quorum Hosting / SaaS
    ~Comprehensive Backup and Recovery for Business Continuity
    ~Complies with Regulatory Requirements Validated by 3rd Party Auditing
    ~Supports SOX Compliance (SSAE16 Compliant)
    ~Data Center On-Site Security, Video Security, and Other Measures
    -Client Access Portal