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Let Brammer help you accomplish your objectives with competent, experienced personnel on a short or long-term basis. Use us as your staffing resource to develop your properties and meet your production schedules without the burden of hiring and training your own professionals.



You pay for experienced personnel and services only when there is a need. With outsourcing, there is never any overhead associated with inactivity. Additionally, our critical mass of existing clients and projects helps bring the average cost of services down.



You choose the level of control. We operate for you and report to you regularly. Clearly defined functions and schedules are tailored to your needs. You delegate the degree of decision making and responsibility that fits your business model. You can be involved in the smallest of details or remove yourself completely from the process until presented with a finished product. The choice is yours.


We want to make it easier for you to better manage your core business by shifting certain functions to Brammer. Let us manage the property so that you can focus on managing the asset.

Safety & The Environment

Providing a safe work place is fundamental to our company. The sanctity of human life and the environment are cornerstones in our daily work routine. Safe practices combined with skilled and knowledgeable workers produce the kind of results that protect people and the environment.


Brammer’s oil and gas professionals have an average of more than 25 years of industry experience. Use our expertise to add value to your projects by putting that experience to work for you.


Over forty-seven years of operating for our clients provides systems and knowledge that uniquely set us apart and allow you the benefits without the direct costs. From stake to sales to operations, we can provide a team to help manage your properties efficiently and effectively. All of these processes take place with timely reporting to you, the customer.


Your projects benefit from the multitude of experience and knowledge that our staff brings, but your data, operations and results are confidential and are not shared with anyone unless approved by you. Our website is password protected so that only those whom you choose are capable of seeing your data. We value highly your trust and we take very seriously the safekeeping of your information.


Brammer Engineering, Inc. has built a reputation over the last forty-seven years that is well respected among our peers and within the industry. We are a full service operating company in the contract operating business with a mission to exceed your expectations by doing more than just meeting your needs. We strive to be the best outsourcing resource for E&P Companies and to create cost effective solutions for our clients.

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