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  • Location planning, design and construction management
  • Drilling planning and design for vertical, directional, or horizontal wells including:
    • Contract negotiation and drilling rig selection
    • Wellhead design
    • Casing design
    • Drilling fluid design
    • Cement design
    • Bit selection
    • Directional design and optimization
    • Anti-collision analysis
    • Torque and drag calculations
    • Drill string/BHA design
    • Drilling optimization
    • Waste management/location restoration
  • AFE Preparation and submittal to partners
  • Engineering supervision and project implementation
  • Wellsite supervision/consulting
  • Bidding, evaluation and procurement of goods and services
  • Invoice review and approval by technical staff
  • Overall cost management
  • Morning report preparation and distribution
  • Communication with client and joint interest partners
  • Local, state and federal environmental filings and permits
  • Turnkey drilling proposals
  • Safety and environmental training, compliance, and awareness
  • Special projects